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Preamble: many of these issues I bring are small, yet each issue is just that… an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and focus on the larger issues… a larger, more profitable practice along with more family time. 

“2017 Chiropractic Trend”

We Need to Learn from
the Medical Specialists

I am seeing more and more software generated reports that are simply not good. I don’t care how much you paid for your software or how long it took you to learn it or if it is tied into your billing system. If it sucks… well…it sucks and in your attempt to streamline your practice, you are destroying your practice and income. By now, you should all know me well enough to realize that you win through being the best of the best and that includes your documentation. My only goal, is for you to get busier and make more money through the highest level of service.

On the other hand, there are going to be some of you who are self-proclaimed “principled chiropractors” who will look at the subtitle of this consult and be offended because you are not medical specialists, nor do you aspire to be. To those people I say “get over yourself and grow up.” You are not a principled chiropractor, you are a chiropractor just like the rest of us and as long as you practice within your lawful scope in your state, you get to practice as you choose. It is time to evolve or become extinct and that doesn’t mean you need to give up how you lawfully practice, but if you want to treat more patients and get paid, you had best evolve because in 2017 there are trends that are going to mandate you evolve or you will become extinct. 

Yesterday I had a conversation with a 32-year practitioner who claimed she was an incredible adjustor but has done nothing since she graduated in 1984 to increase her clinical or documenting skills because the adjustment was all that was needed to succeed and she wanted to join the program so I could give her “special language” or a marketing scheme to increase her patient volume. I told her not to join the program and I wished her good luck on her next occupation. Evolving means getting better at everything including adjusting if you feel that you need help. However, that is rarely the case in our profession as the treatment part is the easy part while everything else is the challenge. 

In order to win in 2017, you MUST start having peer relationships with the medical community. Today the medical providers: orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists and anesthesiologists are directly marketing the public across the country to get those patients that you historically have marketed for. In the past, those specialists have relied on hospitals and medical primary care providers to fuel their practices and would NEVER consider taking a lawyer out for lunch... EVER!!! And holy crap… they are even taking chiropractors out for lunch, dinner, ball games, golfing, etc… They are scraping the bottom of the barrel in their circles to seek referrals by courting us. 

These are the historical avenues the chiropractic profession has taken to build practices and starting now and more so in 2017 will be the norm, therefore you need to start preparing immediately. In order to be prepared you need to take a hard look at how you communicate both verbally and on paper with a keen understanding that you only get paid on what you document. 

When I talk to neurosurgeons and other specialists, I get very specific by having a depth of knowledge that “dwarfs” their level of understanding about everything in my world and the chiropractic adjustment is a prime example. When you start to talk about inflammation or nerve interference you don’t only sound the fool, you are the fool and medical specialists will know that although they will never call you that to your face. The result; you will never get either their respect or THEIR REFERRALS. That is why we have the Primary Spine Care Symposiums twice a year, so you can learn the latest findings in the literature and have a “true and in-depth knowledge” of your own profession. You will be hard pressed to learn this by reading a few research articles because Dr. Owens and myself read 1000’s of articles between each symposium to teach you and it takes a concentrated time to both understand it and then learn how to position yourself in the healthcare community to leverage that knowledge into referrals. 

The second prime issue to thrive in the 2017 trend is your documentation. If your EMR system reports in “computer-eze” with redundant statements or statements like the “first stated symptom, the second stated symptom” you are an “outlier” in the medical specialist world. If you have cute graphs and other “glitzy” components, you are an “outlier” in the medical specialist world. If you have paragraphs that are redundant and say the same thing you are an “outlier” in the medical specialist world. If your grammar is not perfect with spelling errors, then are an “outlier” in the medical specialist world. 

Why is this important? Because if you want the referrals from the medical community, you had best meet the accepted conservative standard of reporting that reads like the “best of the best” you are touting to be and that transcends everything you say, write and do.

Does this change the core of your care within your lawful scope of practice… NO!!!! All it will do in 2017 is give you more patients to care for in 2017 and beyond because if you don’t, the NEW competition will be taking the patients you are caring for now. In order to have those peer relationships, you need to have a true and full understanding of what it is that you do and how it works and then be able to communicate on paper at the level of the most respected experts in the medical industry if you want to be considered part of that group. 

Because in 2017 without giving up how you practice, it is those within that group that will lead and succeed. 


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chiropractic, University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic
Adjunct Professor, Division of Clinical Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College
Educational Presenter, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Joint Partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 

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