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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Please Drink the Kool Aide"

Your Success Depends Upon It

NOTE: My spell check is not functioning properly… so please excuse the grammatical/spelling errors…

115 i

Not just any Kool Aide… but the one with the sharks

Yesterday I spoke to a 30 year practitioner who has testified 8 times in his career and has never been asked for his CV once. He called to get language on ligament laxity to communicate with lawyers to get them to increase their referrals. In addition, he wanted the same for strain/sprain. I asked him if he read the “White Paper” on soft tissue injuries I sent last week and if he read any of the research articles I sent links over 2 weeks ago.

His answer was no. I then asked him if he took the Colossus Documentation course or read the ligamentous laxity consultations in the narrative section of the consultations and his answer again was no for the course, but he skimmed over the narrative section. Basically, this doctor has been reading the “quickie consults” because he doesn’t have to do much work other than open an email and stays in the program because he gets a good stream of information…. Like this.

Herein lies the problem with our profession and I call it the “ol chiro one-step, two-step.” We learn just enough to create a level of rhetoric, or what in New York we call bullshit and then render opinions with a high level of resolve in order to win an argument. In the end, you probably will win the argument, but over a very short amount of time you lose the respect, trust and relationship of every person you won that argument with if you only had a piece of the picture and omit the rest based upon ignorance or a “Google” based education.

In other words, people are polite and usually won’t do 2 things… call you out on it to your face or refer to you in the future… EVER!!!!!

115 2 i


The bullcrap has to end here!

NOTE: I am sure I have offended many by now… but I can’t help myself!!! So if I haven’t offended you yet… give me time.

There is a reason why many of you are getting 30-40-50 new cases per month and your income has not met the average growth of everyone else in the group… It has exceeded it … by realizing 2-3-4X your previous take home after taxes. The majority of those doctors not only did the work by reading all the consults and taken all the courses, but have kept current with the new material, attended the 2 live programs we do every year… No matter the inconvenience realizing it is an inconvenience for everyone.

Have you read the “White Paper” including the references? Have you taken all the couses? Do you digitize your cases (when clinically indicated) and spoken to Dr. Weigand or myself to get a more in-depth explanation?

I have a family of MD’s that range from primary care to plasitc surgury to ophthamology, to head and neck surgery to high risk neonatal care and on and on… What they all have in common is everyone of them reads scientific literature on a daily basis and attends seminars frequently to not only stay current, but to get the upper hand on their competition, which is fierce in both hoispital systems and private settings. Medicine has created a culture (admirably) or a sect of society who constantly strives to get better to help more based upon an increased knowledge base and skills.

As a rule, our profession strives to meet the minimum standards of continuing education with the easiest bullcrap courses we can find and usually try to scam the system and signing in and leaving early (when possible). I know this is a bold statement and many of you who are reading this are the “upper crust” in making a commitment to learn more and be the best. However, this unfortunatley applies to too many who are reading this because…

It is no long “business as usual!”

115 3 I

The game has changed and is changing quicker every month and we are losing market share in the industry. Our industry, or at least the primary portal of our industry is back pain. Very few of us get new cases for wellness care as that usually is an extension of our current patients who stay with education. Some are morphing into weight loss and functional medicine specialists as a portal for new cases, but our primary source of new cases as a profession is pain treatment.

That is not a bad thing because the research that is being published has positioned us to be the leaders in mecahnical spine pain care (no fracture, tumor or infection). I have long opined that I support that posture because once the patient enters your office you can do anything you choose as long as it is within your lawful scope of practice… wellness, nutrition, finctional medicine, exercise rehab, weight loss, etc… BUT first adjust the patient as clincially indicated to correct the mechano-neuro-muscular lesion.

Once you understand the literature, questions like that doctor asked me in the beginning of this article becomes moot. If you are searching for a “sound bite” please refer to the last picture. Sound bite education is a “losers way out” and will fail in the end giving you more of the same. You must understand this material intimately to succeed both at the level you currently desire and is also critical for future success. Today’s students coming out of our colleges are starting to be prepared to “leave you in the dust” once they get a little expereince under their proverbial belts. Basically, you must drink the “Kool Aide” and follow my lead to become a leader in your community. Someone is going to do it and it should be you.

Doctor Sound Bite (my new name for him) will have a wonderful line for the lawyer, but that lawyer actually knows more (usually) then us about the pathology of their case and will wait until they hear more from you than they know to decide if they want to consider continue working with you and/or referring in the future. Medical primary’s and specialists expect you to know more about spine and want to see the literature behind your sound bites. 10 minutes ago I spoke to a parimary care MD (my cousin) and after I explained to him why he has to refer every spine patient to DC’s first, his first comment was “please send me the literature.” This is someone who I have helped build his business and have treated his entire family. He still wants the proof to refer en masse!

I have had the same conversaton with dozens of MD’s, all who want the literature and then all want to discuss the merits of the research should they consider refering. You HAVE to own this stuff to the point of being able to teach it to the MD’s, which is why I created live seminars… for you to get 2 intensive days of seeing, hearing, learing this material and being able to ask questions and hear the other questions you haven’t thought to ask, but your colleagues did. Collectively we are a very smart group with people far smarter than I. We all need to learn from each other and you have to attend these progams to get to that level.

Trust me... it is a pain in the ass for me to create these programs, both professionally as I do not have the time and personally as I need more family time (sound familiar?).

The race is on. Your colleagues are learning this stuff. PT’s are learning this stuff. MD physical medicine specialists are learning this stuff. What they are trying to learn is how to deliver a chiropractic adjustment and then lay claim that PT’s and MD’s all do the same, but under the banner of organized medicine (I sent proof of that this past week with a DC teaching PT’s and LMT’s). Today we have the blessings of medicine, which is important because we currently are the leaders and in order to maintian that posture, you have to LEAD in your community. The only way to do that is through education… yours… and evolve to the next level through academia. Results are no longer enough, because if they were, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

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