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"It’s Time to Get Lots of New Patients"


The last paragraph will help pull all of this together…Do not read it until you have read everything else first.


Everything explained in this consultation has been explained in intricate detail in previous consultations. Should you need a refresher, go back and read. I suggest that you re-read all of them monthly until you get to the practice level you desire.



If you have not read all of the previous consultations, go back now; do not read another word of this consultation. When sitting in front of a lawyer, you need to speak their language, which the last 36 consultations teach you how to do. Do not waste an opportunity in front of a referral source by "winging it." Go back and read. This will wait for you.


Oregon writes:

Worth every penny and then some. Since I hired Mark I have doubled my PI patients. Really... I hardly even do the things he says, I'm a bad client, and I even told him I did not need him since I was not doing anything he suggested, and asked to stop with the program - then thought better of it. He courteously let me go, and then welcomed me back. He's available to talk; he is very considerate, helpful, insightful, and nice. Look at his Vitae. The guy’s amazing. I'll tell you what... I respect the heck out of the guy. His material is excellent and he addresses issues in a way that no one else has that I am aware of. All the docs/seminars who are into crash impact analysis should hire Mark. Most of the PI stuff out there just tells you how to defend chiropractic. It's like some war is waged and they tell you how to win it. Mark's focus is much more on the relationships and not the war. Mark shows you how to manage the RELATIONSHIP with the attorney, the patient, and the insurance company - like NO ONE else does. When a PI patient comes around, or you need to call a lawyer, the confidence is there. Who knows why, but that has really kicked up the PI's around here. I think Mark just may have some sort of universal influence on PI patients??? At first I was overwhelmed and felt bad because I was not doing all the things Mark suggested, then I just went with it, and now that I look back at it I have twice as many PI's??? Go figure. Mark's on the payroll man. I can not afford not to have him.


New York writes:

I need some help! Dropping off the educational faxes monthly is a challenge as now I am in front of 40 attorneys in 21 firms personally. Getting to each office during the month may be a bit difficult. If I was single and had no kids, piece of cake. What are your thoughts on that? I now have 40 lawyers that want me to meet with them on a monthly basis as a result of this program… Just yesterday I had 7 new patients from the 3 lawyers that were on my monthly schedule… WOW!


California writes:

Since I have been involved with CMCS I actually have many, many lawyers invite me into their practices monthly and apologizing that they don't have enough patients to refer to me! Can you imagine that...If you told me 3 months ago I would be saying this, I wouldn't believe it. Beyond that, I have learned how to use my front desk and paperwork to have my staff grow my practice and Dr. Studin has given me enough written materials and ideas to grow my practice for the next 5 years. It's the best $199 per month I have ever spent!


California writes:

I just had an “ah-ha!”. I know you have been telling me this… for quite some time, but I just REALLY got it. The way I shift the paradigm is through the Plaintiff IME. Not by asking the attorney, “Please send me your cases so I can bill out $400 bucks and give you a second opinion,” but by saying, “Let me help you make your cases rock solid by sharing my clinical excellence, helping to fill in the gaps in your clients care, documenting the bodily injury, and correlating that with persistent functional loss. Let’s review all of your cases and see which ones need additional testing and then I will help you and your staff understand what that testing means to your clients and what persistent functional loss is present.” Then put that in an exceptional report that allows for admissibility of the findings so that they can secure a maximized settlement offer. THAT is the path to developing a relationship. Not asking to care for ONE of their clients, but instead helping the attorney to really get to the full potential of every case. Now I know I can help any of the attorneys that I meet with. And it gives both of us a vehicle to immediately start doing business together. And from a totally selfish point of view, it gives me a chance to help WAY more people. AH-HA!


I can use that experience that I had with the one attorney to share this with every attorney. In just sitting with her for about 25 minutes she handed me at least 5 cases. All of which I reviewed. 4 out of the 5 had significant “mistakes” in them. Some hadn’t had the diagnostics that were necessary to document the bodily injury. Some had done step one but not the next step or steps. And ALL even if they had the necessary evidence of bodily injury hadn’t correlated the bodily injury with persistent functional loss. These were just 5 cases that hadn’t been handled correctly. My plan is to now offer my services to the attorneys to review all of their cases, fill in the gaps, and help them to maximize the cases. The Plaintiff IME… genius!


The same doctor writes…

I just counted; 40 lawyers have my educational binder and my CA has to contact 40 lawyers each month so I can drop the updates off….How do I keep up with this?


California Writes:

I want to give you some props. Your scheduling and MUM (Made Up Missed) systems have worked very well. Usually during the holiday week my numbers drop considerably but this year because my staff has better tools to use, our numbers have actually increased each day. After 7 years in practice I thought I had scheduling all figured out but I am happy to learn that there are even better systems. Thank you for helping my practice grow.


Connecticut Writes:

Your consulting has covered all the bases and any questions that may arise are easily answered with a quick phone call. As I begin to implement the procedures and forms outlined in the consultations my practice is growing and so am I in confidence. I no longer feel lost at what to do next.


Florida writes:

I started a practice "from scratch" in Florida, about 1 year ago. I was in the same place every new practice was in, twiddling my thumbs waiting for new patients to call from my ineffective marketing techniques. Then I met Dr Studin and through his trial and tribulations of managing a chiropractic practice for over 25 years in "downstate NY", where the weak get eaten in the business world; he has developed an arsenal of effective marketing techniques that now make me stand out. The best part about his marketing is that it is ethical and lets the lawyers know that I am an expert in PI. Not only has my practice began to explode, I have opportunities presented to me like never before, as a result of my ability to market to the connectors in the community. Thanks Dr. Studin, you are truly my mentor and good friend, but more importantly you have given me the directions and tools to succeed for life in practice".


New York writes:

Also, I followed your info and used June as patient appreciation month and it went over huge. Have some of our biggest numbers to date. I think June was a great month to use due to the fact it will make July and August much busier than normal.


As you can see from the testimonials above, many have succeeded using various parts of the program. Every part of the program works. Here is one very exclusive, double secret, confidential, hush-hush secret to success in practice….It takes work to succeed in practice…Now the secret…You just can’t work harder; you have to work smarter to make the hard work pay off. Working smarter means you have to create an infrastructure that is designed to win. The infrastructure is all the tools and systems that I have taught you in the previous 35 consultation. Each of the doctors above has written about their successes using different parts of the program. A few have put it all together. Those that have used some of the program have seen a significant increase in their volume, while those that have put most of the systems in place and taken the action steps have doubled and tripled their practices.




The basics…This brings your practice to a “crawl”:


Narratives - If you do not have an effective narrative, you will never have a significant PI practice. This is a non-negotiable comment. I have heard the arguments from coast to coast, “I rarely get asked for a narrative.” Of course you rarely get asked, the lawyers have already seen it and they cringe at the thought of you sending what you produce because it will destroy their cases. They only want your results so they can get someone else to see their clients and write a narrative. Once a lawyer says they do not want your narrative, you will never get a referral from that lawyer….ever.

CV's - Your CV is a legal document that gives your professional credentials. When lawyers attempt to settle cases, they want your CV. After giving the insurance claims adjustor their client’s findings, the adjustor asks the lawyer for their expert’s CV. When reviewing the CV they say to themselves either, "The expert looks like a 'whimp' (on paper) and we can 'eat him alive' on the witness stand. Therefore, I am not going to offer much in settlement to the lawyer." Or… "This expert has the credentials to beat us in court and we don’t want to risk losing more money in a verdict. Therefore, I am going to offer the lawyer more money to prevent going to court."




The minimum to succeed…This brings your practice to a “walk”:

Educate-Educate-Educate- My mentor adjusted 300 patients per day, everyday, and my wife was his front desk CA for the 3+ years I was in chiropractic school. During that time, I worked part-time in his office doing everything from walking his dogs, to gassing up his car to filling the solutions in the x-ray tank. Basically, I was his “bitch” and damn proud of it! I would get to talk to him every day I was in the office for about 1-2 minutes and occasionally I got lucky and he needed me to drive him somewhere, so we would get to talk for extended periods of time. I always asked him the same question, “What do I need to do when I start practicing to get busy like you?” His only answer to me was, “Educate your patients.” When I asked him how, he told me to figure it out, not in so many words, but I had to figure it out.


What I figured out was that every patient needed to know why they were under care and the power of chiropractic, to allow the body to heal itself. My message was simple, “If we take the bone of the nerve, the muscle spasm will ease and the pain will go away. The brain can talk to the nerve and the organs work better, and if the bone is stabilized in the correct position, the degenerative process will slow or stop.” The message was simple, but I only had faith to go on…so I asked every patient to report back to me if they had any maladies and let me know the results…I am a skeptic! The result was that I now have, somewhere in my garage, 2-3 volumes of books with patient testimonials of asthmatics breathing, infertile patients having babies, ulcers clearing up, colitis’ resolving, migraines no longer present, breach babies turning in a day, high blood pressure becoming normal, circulatory insufficiencies going away, and this just touches the surface.


Let me make one thing clear, I don’t treat disease; I don’t know how and never did. All I did was ask the patients to report to me their experience as a result of being under chiropractic care. I also explained to them that the brain has to talk to organs and I was going to make sure the communication was clear. I also insisted that they go back to their medical doctor and get themselves re-evaluated to see if they still needed to be on their medications, now that they were well.


When you have an accident patient in front of, you educate them and their families about chiropractic. When you have a non-accident patient in front of you, you educate them to the critical importance of getting to you quickly if they are injured in an accident. Either way, both patients get the same explanation of chiropractic because the goal is to create an office of compliant patients that follow your treatment plan and that involves more than getting them out of pain. It is about pain relief, then corrective care and stabilization, and if you choose, wellness care. Relief and corrective care are non-negotiable and that takes months of care to achieve.


The only avenue to achieving this is education. Patients, as a rule, have been brought up in the medical model through the media and the belief system of our culture; if it hurts, then something is wrong. If it doesn’t hurt, nothing is wrong. Orthodontics has broken through that misconception by explaining that straight teeth take years of persistent care. They have the advantage in the educational process by showing their patients their crooked teeth everyday. Our challenge is the crooked bones are on the inside and we cannot x-ray our patients frequently to remind them. Therefore, you must educate your patients with a vast array of multi-media tools. As explained in previous consultations, you HAVE TO have a written report of findings and use posters, videos and hands-on material to get the patient to understand that this in not just faith, but real. The education process will bring your practice to a “walk.”




Success in practice; get it running like a sprinter.

  1. Use the tools. In using the tools you have to first read about which tools to use. The consultations posted on-line are the best reading you will do in chiropractic, perhaps ever. It is about how to make everything you want to do in chiropractic work because you can now work smarter and make the hard work pay off.


  1. Practice with clinical excellence. You must work with MRI companies that take appropriate slice thicknesses and then explain to the lawyers why you demand this level of clinical accuracy. This will explain to the lawyer why you get more result than the average doctor, in an ethical manner. This is a blind item to virtually everyone and will give you an edge. You also must understand all modalities in electrodiagnostic testing, as gone through previously, to know when to refer to diagnose significant issues.


  1. When you are with the lawyers, make sure you let them know that you speak their language: Clinical correlation of causality-bodily injury and persistent functional loss. The persistent functional loss in real life terms is what adds value to the case of the lawyer and what most practitioners omit. As always, if clinically present.


  1. By creating the educational binders, you have a vehicle for the lawyers to want you to come back in their offices monthly. You simply need to take the first step and either walk in their office or contact them and let them know that you have educational material that is on the “cutting edge” of medical-legal and will help them prevail in their cases. Let them know that you will only take 5-10 minutes of their time and it is not a solicitous visit. This is non-inflammatory and true. Does it work? Read the testimonials. It works too well!


  1. Start with the lawyers of your current patients, then go to the lawyers who advertise in the phone book or Internet for PI and then call every lawyer, starting locally and expanding your region outward by asking, "Do you take personal injury or workers’ compensation clients?" If they do, target those as well by either cold-calling or asking for an appointment over the phone. Use the phrase described in the previous paragraph to get the meeting.


  1. When you are with the lawyers, you need 2 binders; 1 with the educational fliers and your CV to leave with the firm that you will be building monthly, and the other with your sample narrative.


  1. Now that you are in the lawyer’s office the next step; offer to review their cases at no charge, and suggest to them you will review their cases if they have a need, starting now. This is also where you begin the referral process by offering the Plaintiff IME’s, which is the bridge and avenue to getting unlimited new PI patients. When reviewing the cases, inform the lawyer there are still “diagnostic dilemmas” in their clients care that could significantly impact their lives and the negatively impact the case for the lawyer (if clinically present). Offer to do the Plaintiff IME, or second opinion, while the patient is still being treated by their doctor.


NOTE: The challenge of the doctors who are walking into the offices is how to keep up with the demand of wanting them to come back each month to sit with the lawyer. That is a very good problem that I have helped resolve with those doctors.


  1. Use the monitoring system explained in the consultations to track the new PI patients and ensure that your records are sent in a timely manner. This will resolve one of the biggest complaints that lawyers have with doctors.


  1. Now that the patients are coming in, how is your scheduling? Do you have a made-up-missed (MUM) program? The doctor in Calfornia wrote in his testimonial aove that after 7 years in practice, he thought he had it down with appointments. He didn't. By instituting the MUM program, his practice has grown significantly. You must have a MUM system in place. I have explained in a previous consultation how to create one, or I offer it online for sale, if you don't want to go through the learning curve.


  1. Patient Appreciation Months are a great "practice growth" event...They work. To get your practice to the next level, you need to have an event to attract a lot of new patients in a short amount of time.


  1. It is work to grow a practice, but now you are working smarter to amke your hard work deliver the results.




Explode your practice...

To be successful in practice, you have to pay careful attention to detail. To be ultra successful in practice, you need to pay exquisite attention to detail.




Troubleshooting and "jump starting" the process


I now urge you to listen to the Audio consultations on the Web site. No one is more important than the others, but the New Jersey Mastermind meetings will help you start to see the larger picture.