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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Summer Over, Holiday Over, Mental Holiday Over"

Let's Kick This Practice Into High Gear!


Welcome back. I hope you had a great summer and according to the social calendar, it's now over. No more hot dogs, no more summer 1/2 day Fridays and no more patient vacation excuses. My experience over the last 3 decades proved that statistically for me September was always my best month for new patients because I wasn't the only one fully getting back into work mode; my community was doing the same thing. With that came stress and the realization that over the summer months, I might have done a little too much. In addition, I also increased my personal injury volume. Therefore, unless you are Dr. R in Georgia, Dr. R in Ohio, Dr. M in Florida or Dr. O in New York who have homogenized their new patients year round, you need to "kick your practice in the ass!" For those 4 and the rest of you who have also homogenized your "year round" new patient statistics, the goal is to either increase that number or simply maintain it if you are enjoying your lifestyle, practice and income levels.


The above four doctors have one of the following statistics that average year round:

1. 60 new patients per week

2. 27 new patients monthly

3. 2 new PI/WC patients daily

4. The same core group of lawyers referring monthly


What each doctor above has in common is he/she does not take off...EVER...from his/her marketing. Remember, marketing doesn't work...UNLESS you have built an admissible infrastructure and you are clinically excellent.  Each doctor has taken virtually every CE course online and has an admissible CV with not only the credentials, but the knowledge base behind them.



NOTE: All of you should know all of this already if you have read the consultations...This is nothing but a very big reminder and everything put in one concise location...or affectionately known as a "kick in the ass."


1. Web Presence Patients

        a. Get a preferred listing on the US Chiropractic Directory

        b. Gather all of your patients' e-mail addresses

        c. Post your entire CV on the directory

        d. Send your patients your CV (even if you have done it before)

        e. Take more courses and send an updated CV


2. Web Presence Lawyers

        a. Same as above, except to your lawyer e-mail database


3. Inactive Patient Calls

        a. Print a list of all patients who have prematurely terminated care over the last 6 months.

        b. Have your staff call to re-activate them with a prepared script from you.


4. Newspaper Letters

        a. Write congratulatory letters to anyone in your community that has done something good and get it published (creates great Karma and puts your name out there for the right   reasons).


5. Sponsor a Bar Association meeting

        a. Follow consultation #269, in the "old" consulting site, for what to hand out.


6. Sponsor a "Lawyers Seminar"

        a. This is where I present for you either live or via videoconference.

        b. If you think videoconferences don't work, ask Roy Tolman in Georgia; he got 51 new PI cases in March because of a videoconference.


7. Call Lawyers

        a. Have your staff call 10 lawyers today to set up meetings for you to educate them on the latest medical-legal research to help them prevail.


8. Send mail to lawyers

        a. On the Communications-Forms part of the Web site are templated letters to send to lawyers to refer to you.

        b. None of these will work, but I am too stupid to believe that. However, I also believe that it will create some good Karma with the lawyers.


9. Do your daily affirmation found at the very beginning of the consultations.


10. Re-institute the "first visit phone call."


11. Book all of your patients for 1 month at time and then for the following month, on the first day of the 4th week, not the day of his/her last scheduled appointment.


12. Call every lawyer whose clients you are treating to give them updates. A very good reason to re-connect.


13. Hand out 100 business cards this week and for the next 4 weeks.


14. Shut up and build a huge practice...Patients really don't care (DNGARA) about your vacation, only theirs.


15. Take a new CE course


The best time to start is RIGHT NOW!

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