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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Restless Leg Syndrome"

A doctor in Connecticut asked for treatment options for restless leg syndrome and I polled the nation. The following are treatment paths that many doctors have been successful with. In the very near future, we will be releasing the automated "Case Report Writer" to get these clinical pathways and outcomes published.


Disclaimer: The following protocols are not published; they are clinical protocols from various doctors nationally. You have to triage your patient according to his/her clinical presentation and independently make a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.


  1. Calcium/magnesium supplementation should help. Standard Process Calcium lactate (6-9/day), Magnesium lactate (6-9/day). Also, patient is eating too much sugar, so he’s got to clean his diet up. Valerian root from Medi Herb (2-3/day) and/or Formula 303 from Dee Cee Labs is very effective (homeopathic blend of valerian root, passiflora and magnesium) 2-3 per dose every 2-3 hours until relief is obtained.
  2. Atlas , Occiput, bilateral million dollar roll!!
  3. Adjusting him, high doses of omega 3 fatty acids (5g per day for minimum 90 days) and work on power plates for cerebellar stim.  Has done wonders for many of my patients. 
  4. Along with a thorough physical evaluation, all of my RLS cases start with blood work to evaluate calcium, potassium, magnesium and especially iron.  In almost every case there has been an significant iron deficiency and slowly ramping up the patients iron intake (not massively dosing at once because absorption rate has to steadily increase as well) has been effective along with addressing whatever nervous system/musculoskeletal issues are present.
  5. Besides chiropractic care, curve restoration, and seeing any bodywork, I word give him 200-400mg of CoQ 10 and a high dose of Magnesium in a glycinate form.
  6. Look for an L5 retrolisthesis. Reduce with a pisiform side posture Gonstead thrust bilaterally.
  7. I have had a had a B vitamin deficiency, that combined with acupuncture got rid of it. Her adjustments helped but never eliminated the symptoms. (Emotional issues always need to be ruled out.
  8. I have been using Magnesium for years.  Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and there is a lot of research on magnesium and muscle contractions.  I tell patients to start at 500mg and increase by 100mg each week.  Many are good around the 800mg-900mg mark. SIDE EFFECTS:  the only side effect is a loose stool (because it is a muscle relaxer) and this is easily remedied by backing down the dose by 100mg.
  9. Example,  If you get to 800mg and have a loose stool, then your best dose is 700mg. Pill form is the best as the liquid form --- Magnesium Citrate -- is found in the "constipation relief section at the drug store. (again because it is a MM relaxer)
  10. Restless Leg Syndrome linked to Magnesium Deficiency -
  11. Restless leg syndrome is a severe adrenal exhaustion condition. The patient needs to do a adrenal stress index lab test, sex hormone panel, and toxicity panel to see physiologically how stressed out the body is currently. Second  adjust them frequently. Third  use of balanced amino acid dosing of 5-htp , tyrosine and l -dopa  with cysteine. to restore the electrical power of the body by restoring Serotonin and Dopamine. It is out of balance and leaves the patient with a relative nutritional deficiency that needs to be fixed to gain relief. Go to . Fourth get the patient to do serious stress management therapies meditation, deep breathing, yoga, etc.
  12. Magnesium glycinate 300 mg one hour before bed, if stool gets loose back it off. If no loose stool and no change in 3 days twice a day etc usually in week see results.
  13. We have had 2 similar patients respond to drinking dill pickle juice.   At least a cup a day was the dose.  An old marathoners remedy.  Might help and couldn't hurt.    
  14. On some occasions, it is due to low grade anterior spinal cord contact (osteophytes, etc.) in the cervical spine.  Other than that, here's some clinical info from PubMed - ttp:// 
  15. Micro current Therapy of Acupuncture points will definitely relieve the symptoms if not remove them all together.
  16. I treat a lot of RLS, which is one of the many symptoms related to an overactive brain during sleep or otherwise, and is secondary to blood-brain barrier compromise by autoimmune antibody overproduction. His son probably has intestinal permeability issues that cause AI to manifest.
  17. I use a AK based technique called nutrition response testing in my office and have encountered restless leg many times. It usually is a calcium issue or weak heart. I use standard process supplements. The calcium lactate and heart products will take care of it most of the time. 
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