Spinal Biomechanical Pathology and Collaborative Management

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Saturday March 2, 2019
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Sunday March 3, 2019
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12 CE Hours sponsored by Cleveland University-Kansas City, Chiropractic and Health Sciences
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Topics: Clinical Excellence; The New Foundation for your 2019-2020 Marketing/Business Strategy

1. 2019 Business/Marketing Strategy: Making Your Competition Irrelelevant

2. The Wall Street Program [Already averaging over 200 New Cases/Month per Offices] Rolled Out...Join

3. What & When to Order Diagnosing Testing and How to Interpret Results

4. Get MD's to Refer to DC's 1st and Bypass PT's for Spine & The Research

5. Get Long-Term Chiropractic Care Approved & The Research

6. Be the First Referral Option [Primary Spine Care Provider] for:
     a) Emergency Rooms
     b) Spine Surgeons
     c) Medical Primary Care Providers
     d) Lawyers

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Agenda: Curriculum Modules

Module 1: Current chiropractic evidence and verification of why physical therapy should not be considered as "first line of treatment" for spine.

Module 2: MRI Spine Interpretation; Updated Disc Nomenclature, Disc and Cord Anatomy, Ligament & Disc Neurology, Age-Dating Herniated Discs and Patho-Biomechanics of the Spine as Sequella to Herniation. Diffuse Deceptive Defense Rhetoric about arthritis and strain/sprain

Module 3: Management and triage of patients: What imaging or neurological tests to order and the indications for adjusting vs. collaborating with a medical specialist

Module 4: Enroll in the Wall Street Program that will exclusively refer to you

Module 5: The neurology, mechanism & central nervous system role of the chiropractic adjustment and the literature based evidence.  Managing complicated disc and neurological cases including early stroke detection  

Module 6: Lawyers will bypass MD specialists and refer to you FIRST. Here's the WHY & HOW

Module 7: Breaking the barriers in emergency rooms, urgent care's & large surgical groups with the chiropractor as the triage doctor deciding if chiropractic care is indicated prior to a surgical consultation. A panel discussion with doctors where this is occurring. 

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