Academy of Chiropractic Personal Injury & Primary Spine Care Program

Quickie Consult 207

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

“REMINDER: The Winning Formula”

I have been accused of being lots of things: pompous, obstinate, opinionated, Napoleonic, insensitive, obstinate...I think I said that already...Guess what? I am guilty of all of the above! I am all of those things when it comes to realizing what it takes to win in the medical-legal, personal injury industry. I have lived it through trial and error for 30 years...That is a very polite way of saying that I screwed up so bad in so many areas, many still hurt. I don't want you to get burned like I did because the cost in time, ego and money is exorbitant.
I spoke to a doctor in Florida, yesterday, that has been doing all the things that he needs to do to be successful, but he isn't. He has taken the requisite courses, read the requisite materials and has made contact with 30 lawyers who he meets with, yet he has no results in spite of the countless hours in preparation. The very good thing about this doctor is that he did the smart thing; he picked up the phone and we dissected what he was doing. He made one small, but critical error in how he was going about the process and we fixed it. He now gets to follow the plan closer as he was missing one key piece of information and now he gets it. The formula works. (Here I go again being obnoxious!) I know because I not only did it wrong and fixed it so it worked for me, I have fixed it for so many others from coast-to-coast and it has worked consistently for most everyone who has followed the plan.
Here is the formula:
1. Read the consultations, all of them
2. Change the infrastructure of your practice to meet all standards
    a) SOAP notes
    b) Evaluations
3. Create an admissible CV
4. Get credentialed by at least taking the minimum courses
    a) PI Bootcamp
    b) MRI Spine Interpretation
    c) Accident Reconstruction
    d) Electrodiagnostic Interpretation (Release: approx. July, 2011)
5. Get a preferred listing on the US Chiropractic Directory
6. Create a call system with the lawyers letting them know the results
7. Deliver the information by setting up a meeting with the lawyer
8. Follow the chronology of symptomatology
9. Create monthly meetings with the same lawyers to educate them and their staffs
10. Understand every bi-monthly flier and the research it is based on and teach that to the lawyers and their staffs
11. Have lawyer seminars, either roundtable meetings or me lecturing for you (the latter is more powerful)
12. Get published, 2011 is dedicated to teaching you how to get published in a peer reviewed journal
Here is my deepest insight into the mindset of lawyers, "It is always about the money." This is not surprising, but is also not attained by your focusing on the money as that is not your concern. You have to allow the lawyers be able to prevail in their cases because your work and you are clinically excellent and admissible through your credentials and documentation. When the clinical excellence combined with admissibility are accomplished, the lawyers can prevail in their cases and they will make money. You do not serve the dollar, but the truth of the patients' conditions and in the end, the lawyers will invariably equate that to money. That is not your concern at any level, but it is how the lawyers are wired because that is their business. If they win because they are working with you, they will continue to do so for the lifetime of your career because very few doctors understand the inner workings of a medical-legal practice form the lawyers' perspective. Your job is to clinically correlate causality, bodily injury and persistent functional loss and be able to accurately document that, if clinically present.
These 781 words explain the entire personal injury success formula and may not seem as easy as it sounds, but it really is. All it takes is being the best and to that end, it feels really, really good to know that no matter what type of patient comes through your door, you know how to care for him/her correctly because you have morphed into a trauma specialist. If you can treat the trauma patient by creating an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, every other case becomes very easy!
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