Academy of Chiropractic Personal Injury & Primary Spine Care Program

Quickie Consult 96

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Odds and Ends"

From the archives circa 2008...The new and updated version...


1. If you want your practice to double, double the people that know you, not the people you know. This holds true for lawyers and the general population as well. It is also easier to keep the patients you have than it is to get new patients, so educate, educate, educate.

2. Do not forget to have your staff articulate the magic words as the patient leaves the office, “See you Tuesday, Mrs. Jones.” It is a confirming statement of the next appointment and it works to increase patient compliance.

3. Always make appointments for the entire upcoming month and re-appoint the subsequent month at the beginning of the 4 th week. Do not wait for the last appointment in case the patient doesn't show up on that day.

4. Always call the lawyer after the first visit with a new PI patient to inform him/her of the game plan. Include your plans for specialists and MRIs. If none are indicated initially, inform the lawyer that pending the first re-evaluation, you will know if the patient needs to be referred.

5. Always consider an immediate MRI if the patient has significant radiculopathic or myelopathic findings. This is non-negotiable.

6. You must know intimately the difference between a herniated, protruded, bulged, sequestered, extruded and protruded disc and have the credentials behind that knowledge.


7. Make the walls of your office a living testimonial to your clinical excellence. Hang all diplomas.


8. Make it a habit to call every new patient after the first adjustment. Call yourself…It will go a long way to building the doctor/patient relationship.


9. You MUST know when to order a bone scan and the significance of the findings. It is imperative in a chiropractic practice.


10. Remember to thank your staff every day for a job well done. The patients thank you and your staff deserves to be thanked for their role. 

11. Your office must be kept immaculately clean. A sloppy office is one doomed for failure. 

12. Grammar counts in everything. 

13. The small things will bring you down because, over time, those small things become one big thing. Pay exquisite attention to detail. 

14. Who you are matters greatly and who you are, in the medical-legal world, is your CV. Your rhetoric only matters on the witness stand and that has to be backed up with what’s on paper. Since you will be on the witness stand very rarely, we are left with paper…Therefore, your CV is what represents you 99.9999% of the time. Make it count and use it aggressively to push your agenda, your success. 


15. Do not forget to spend quality time with your family and make it a point to attend lots of your children’s events. My children are in their late 20’s and early 30's and what I remember was their ball games, field days, recitals and plays, not the days I saw 160 patients. Those are the lasting memories that matter in the end to both you and your family. 

16. Remember to tell your spouse, parents, family and friends that you love them.

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