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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Feel the Power of the Group"

I just finished a phone call with Dr. Anthony Inglese, who has offices in Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida. Dr. Inglese has been in the Lawyers PI Program for almost 2 years and is one of the doctors who has embraced the program without deviation. In the spirit of the oyster creating a pearl through irritation, I have been a constant source of his irritation. In fact, I am a large pain in his ass. In the end, he is developing a beautiful pearl in Southwest Florida.


Dr. Inglese received a call from a large law firm a few months ago, located in Southwest Florida. They had received copies of the bi-monthly educational fliers and an invitation to a seminar. They were calling to request a meeting with him. As a result of the first narrative he did for them, they were going to refer many patients to him both for care and P-IME’s, even if their clients had to travel 2 hours to see him.


It is now 6 months later and the following has happened: Dr. Inglese, in addition to the numerous direct referrals, receives phone calls multiple times a week and he has become a referral service for this firm. He is acutely aware of the protocols in the Lawyers PI Program and what the doctors need to understand in being part of the group. As a result, his referral list is from and the doctors in the Lawyers PI Program. This law firm has been very pleased with all of the referrals. If your practice is in the South Florida area, it is very likely that you have been referred a patient through Dr. Inglese’s referrals. He has referred to Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, and the east coast of Florida, as well, due to the law firm having multiple locations.


Dr. Inglese has become the clearinghouse for these referrals and as a result, his practice is growing very quickly. The law firm is now starting their own 1-800 lawyer referral program and is making him an integral player in that part of their business. They need doctors to work in an ethical relationship with who know what they are doing. Dr. Inglese doesn’t yet understand the full power that is about to be handed to him over the success and growth of his and other practices.


Again, another side note. Those doctors in Southwest Florida all owe him a debt of gratitude for his constant referrals, even though his name doesn’t come up in the referral. How did this happen?


Over a year ago, Dr. Inglese volunteered to talk with prospective clients of the Lawyers PI Program. I was very happy that he decided to support me and the program. However, Dr. Inglese had ulterior motives. He embraced the concept that if he had a large network of doctors in his region, then lawyers would be more apt to work with him, as they prefer a larger network versus a single doctor. In fact, he even waived his contractual 7 mile restrictive covenant to allow another doctor who was 6 miles away, in the other end of his town, to join the program, realizing that all patients couldn’t get to him easily.


Dr. Inglese also recruited other doctors at various CE courses and has worked tirelessly to cultivate the network. Being the naive person I am, I was appreciative for what he did for me. Boy was I wrong! He has created a network of clinically expert doctors in his region to use as leverage over law firms, causing them to stay exclusively in “his” network. He then explained to the law firms that he posts his network on The cost to him…$0. The work he has to do to maintain his network…None. The time he has to put in to train his network…None. The cost of his staff to resolve his network issues…None. The name of the worker that has to do all of the work for the network…”His Bitch.”


This has been a symbiotic arrangement where everyone wins. It is the same scenario that I experienced in New York, over a decade ago, when I expanded from the stupidity of keeping my lawyer lectures a secret, to eventually allowing 22 different offices to participate and share with me various law offices in the New York Metropolitan area. My experience was the same as Dr. Inglese, who is now experiencing significant new referrals whose relationships will last for an entire career.


Another huge factor is lecturing. Dr. Inglese took a very big risk and had me lecture to lawyers in his area, now a total of 5 times. The first lecture was a huge risk, as he had no sponsor when he made the commitment. This was a bold step for a doctor new to an area. He had to envision the power of brining a group of lawyers to him. This gave him immediate credibility in a region and now numerous other law firms, large and small alike, reach out to him because we have discussed the “network of doctors” concept to those in attendance at those meetings.


In addition, the local bar association has also reached out to Dr. Inglese as a result of the exposure and has offered him the opportunity to attend their meetings. They are also a co-sponsor for his lawyer lectures. They use the full power of the association’s marketing efforts to promote his name during those presentations. All because this “young doctor” had the vision to embrace the program and create a network in his region that now spans now over 150 miles.

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