Lawyers PI Program

“Building a PI Practice”


 From the Desk of Mark Studin DC

“Making it Work for You”

Part 2

“Is it Done?”


“Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t like to do…and do it now.”


“You can only coast down hill….Your practice is a great metaphor for coasting…No work, you coast and your practice goes downhill”

“Don’t just work harder, work smarter…It will yield a greater reward.”


                                                      PI Success Checklist:



Date Started

Date Completed


Narrative Done




CV Done




ROF in Place:




ROF Video




ROF Written




ROF Subluxation Poster




ROF Autonomic Chart




ROF Nerve Chart




ROF View Box




ROF Spine Model




Systems in Place:




Complete SOAP per visit




MRI's Slices 3.5mm or less




X-Ray Protocols Followed




Bi-Monthly Faxes Customized




Narrative Laminated & in 3-ring Binder




Educational Binder Created




Lawyers of Current Patients Identified




PI Lawyer Reporting System in Place




Final Evaluations Set Weeks After Last Visit








P-IME Understood




Chronology of Symptomatology Understood




Persistent Functional Loss Understood




Lawyers Contacted:




01-10 Lawyers Set up for Monthly Meetings




11-20 Lawyers Set up for Monthly Meetings




21-30 Lawyers Set up for Monthly Meetings




31-40 Lawyers Set up for Monthly Meetings




41-50 Lawyers Set up for Monthly Meetings




Front Desk




Made Up Misses (MUM) system in Place




Confirm Next Appt. With Each Visit




Lawyers Called With Chronic Missed Appts.




Success Action Step




Communicate with Dr. Studin Weekly




Communicate with Dr. Studin Monthly