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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"What did I do to turn my practice around and get ER to run after me"


Dr. Studin: I am here with Dr. Aaron Smith from Cedar Park, Texas, someplace I don't give a shit about because I'm from New York. And most of you realize that already. See, I even recorded that. You like that Aaron?

Guest Dr: don't mess with Texas.

Dr. Studin: I'm not going to mess with West Virginia or Virginia by the way. I got an email from a former client who actually just, he's only in the u s chiro directory and he pays like $30 a month and he's upset because his phone's not ringing off the hook from having that. And that was the expectation. He hasn't even put on his CV on there. He's done nothing. He's done zero work, zero. But he's very upset that his practices isn’t being built for him for $30 a month.

So, he writes me an email and he goes, you weasel New Jersey, New York, New York, Jew bastard, you lied to me. That's how we opened. And this was ray. He's from the rural part of Western Virginia. He wrote that at two in the morning. And it's funny because I just saw the movie, the Black Klansman of that has this black cop until tread of the KKK in Colorado Springs. And I was just thinking of, it just was just so incredibly ironic that I just watched that the a few days before. But nonetheless, we don't mess up people in Texas and we don't mess with people anywhere cause people are people except you and me. But with that being said, you're working right now on hospital inclusion. Correct?

Guest Dr: Right

Dr. Studin: Now you're, you're working with a surgeon now. Explain a little bit about your relationship and what that's done.

Guest Dr: I've been working with this surgeon now for about two years. Um, and we refer back like, he's offering a lot of my patients. I see a lot of his postop patients. He sends me a handful of referrals every week. Um, whether it's PI cases, made your meds just a little bit of everything. Um, he really has enjoyed knowing that the cases that I send him are basically teed up, ready to go. I send him 10 cases; he's going to operate on eight of them. Um, and so we've had the discussion of moving by satellite office into his office that's across the street from the emergency room and they, he's a trauma call. He's the head of federal trauma call for there, one of the second, the second largest trauma center in the Greater Austin area and he's like, how do I get you involved in the hospital?

So that way they can be triaging stuff to you instead of wasting my time seeing, you know, a whole bunch of patients that don't need surgery. Right. So that's kind of where at.

Dr. Studin: Let me, let me back up a little bit now. Um, and right now being busy is not even an issue. You just like filling the second office now, correct?

Guest Dr: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Studin: Okay. That now I'm going to back up two years. Where are you and I had a conversation when I spoke to your wife. Who I liked better than you, by the way she's so much nicer; Well, actually, no, it's a guy thing. It's like I'm afraid of her too. That's just the truth. Um, but the reality is, is two years ago, the conversation we had was, it's not working. Nothing's working. No matter what I do is not working. Oh my God, how do I make this work? It's not working. So, what happened between then and now? What was your journey?

Guest Dr: The big thing is that, so I've been working with you for probably close to four years and I've done all the course work. I've worked my ass off. And then it's continued to build the relationships. And then I noticed that, you know, yeah, the referrals from lawyers are nice and good, but there's still a missing link. And so, and another thing in Texas, a lot of the PI that most chiropractors will do is, is on liens or LP’s and…

Dr. Studin: so it's no different than any other state, by the way but go ahead.

Guest Dr: Anyway, so as my practice has gone to more and more PI, all of a sudden I'm like, Hey, wait, I'm seeing a lot more patients, but my cash flow is sucking because I'm waiting on all these liens. And, now it's kind of, I remember we talked probably about a year ago where he's like, you're almost to the tipping point And I am, and now like the last, you know, three or four months, I've made more each month than I have in 12 years of practice.

Dr. Studin: Well, you're in the two year cycle, even though cases don't settle for on average, sometimes upwards of five years. Do you have a two year lag in between doing all this fricking work, paying for everything and not having any of the settlements come through. Now all of a sudden you're in a cycle where one, after the next, you're starting to see two, three, four year check starting to come in, you know, instead of trickling in that, you know, it's just the, it's just a timing issue. And, and that's, and that's not unusual. You know, some doctors don't want to waste that time and they get frustrated, you know, when they bail out and then they're back, the crappy managed care or Medicare and you know, and then dealing with all that nonsense. but yeah, you gotta suck it up. But with the surgeon of the other thing is, is I remember we've done, how many lawyers seminars for you? Two or three?

Guest Dr: Well, got at least three, three or four.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Three or four. And we need to do more by otherwise with Dr Centennial in New Jersey. And I just sent the consult that about that. I did this 21st, um, over 10 years, every six months like clockwork. And it's just, it's just, um, it was incredible. And, uh, you know, John's practice increased 400% and his, and his sustain that for four years, but also the surgeon that you worked with, um, you know, it was, he, he was at the, so he also got to drink the Koolaid to some degree as well. Yeah. Which is wonderful. Which is really good to that brought it on, which is good. So now you're on your way. So, listen. I have to run. Okay. Because a truck just pulled up was delivering stuff and, I'll chat with you during the week.

Guest Dr: Okay. Sounds good. Thank you. 

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