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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"I am going to court soon, how can I upgrade my credentials"


Dr. Studin: So the question you have for me was, is your, if I remember correctly, because it was a whole minute ago and I'm old and senile.

Guest Doctor: what's the best way to upgrade CV root credentials through a MRI certification to get started? Or there was another one, a personal injury.

Dr. Studin: okay, so the answer is you have a deposition coming up in a couple of months, when?

Guest Doctor: about three months or so, 

Dr. Studin: okay, so the answer is, and this segues into what's happening...

Guest Doctor:  and it's not just for that, it's just a bump. Everything up in general. 

Dr. Studin: Well, it's the same. It's the same scenario. And, and with everything you do, you know, a lot of people sit back and they do not a whole lot. They'll read the consults and we'll sit back and all of a sudden, holy crap, I have a deposition and have the trial.

Now it's 911. What do I do? How do I make my credentials look good? How do I become bulletproof? You know, I have the issue yesterday in Seattle, the doctor was going up on the witness stand, actually and, you know, and they were trying to destroy his credentials and that's called v o I r d I r e hearing, in New York, it's called the Frye standard. It's synonymous. Um, but really it's a standard of "will the courts accept you as an expert?". So that's issue number one. Issue number two, is what will the courts accept you as and are you really an expert? Uh, unfortunately our chiropractic degree will allow you to opine on or talk about only, um, exam x-ray, and adjustment and nothing else. Zero. The course as a rule will not allow you to discuss MRI.

They'll not let you really discuss causality too much. They won't get into biomechanics, meaning the Vertebra move to the left. It moves to the right. They won't let you talk about ligament issues too much. They're really the, the opposite side. We'll really try to make you sound as if you are not credentialed and then give you some softball questions. And here are the types of softball questions that are happen. You're ready, doctor, please tell me the mechanism of the chiropractic spinal adjustments. The actual physiological mechanism of what you do. That's a question they're asking. And 99% of chiropractors can't answer. They don't know what they're doing, they just do it. Please tell me the difference between a herniated or bulging protruded and Herniated disk. Please tell me what biomechanical engineering is in the spine, your spine expert to answer these questions. And the second you go philosophical, you look the fool because your answer, you're giving a full answer and you're not really an expert, which is one of the reasons why the lawyers bypass chiropractors.

And another reason why medical specialists don't want to have relationships with us. So the answer is the only answer is you need to become a trauma team member. That is the only, only, only answer it goes. There were 10 courses. We lay out a curriculum for you. Um, it starts with a PI bootcamp. It then goes into MRI spine. Then mechanical engineering. Then spinal trauma pathology and the curriculum is laid out so that you are the expert and you cannot have holes poked in you and the doctor in Seattle yesterday who is a trauma team member is actually in the fellowship program. After he was done on the witness stand, the lawyer who brought him there,  after three minutes of asking questions, Geico was the defense. They wanted to get them off the witness stand.

They stopped asking them questions. They just stopped because they were afraid of him and it was, and he said to me, mark, it's everything you taught me in those courses. All I did was everything came back when they ask questions and I was shocked at how much each of those programs are interrelated with each other. I just don't know about an MRI findings or, or a sprain strain to do with college and repair. I haven't had a connect all of them because that's what you trained me to do. When I got off the witness stand and the lawyer said, holy crap, I'm going to work with you a lot. You're my go to guy for the future. I mean it was just incredible. So my answer to you is, do have a computer in front of you? Go to the consulting sites,

Guest Doctor: I don't have the password and everything on.

Dr. Studin: you don't need your password. Okay, scroll down, scroll down to the four purple boxes in the middle third box over, it says, become a trauma team. Click on that. And then it says requirements. Does that open up? And doctors teach,, whichever you want to do from your website, we go down for purple boxes. Third one over, become a trauma team member. Okay? And if you click on that, it'll say trauma team requirements. So that might be password blocked, but that's where you're going to go when you get your password. Um, and there was a curriculum in the after 10 courses, it tells you exactly what to do and have to do it. And especially in your state where the laws are changing dramatically.

Now, you now are best position to actually understand the strategy of what to do. With this now you have two months. Lief hands was a kid in Annapolis, Maryland did all 10 courses in 30 days. Now, you know, he put his life, society just wanted to get it done and he got it done and it was incredible because he knew he was going on the witness stand also. So for you who have two months, maybe you don't have the time or energy he has, but you can get the good, a good amount of them, but take them in the prescribed order that they are there.

And then go to MRI, spine and spinal biomechanical engineering, you should be able to get through them in two months and you're gonna really have to put your life aside to get it done. And when you're done, your CV, it'll be over 10 pages long with real credentials. All the courses are good for your re-licensure credits.  Everything we do is good for licensure credits in every state in the country or online credits are allowed in your state. That's allowed. So, um, I strongly urge you, you know, this is, this is the path for you, which one course, but this is the path. 

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