Academy of Chiropractic’s Doctors PI Program

Narratives #69

From the Desk of :

“Impairment Ratings, Duties Under Duress and Loss of Enjoyment of Life”

This is easy as it gets… if you do not haven impairment rating, then duties under duress and loss of enjoyment will not be counted under the Colossus algorithm. Now, that is etched in… silly putty… because the rules can change depending upon the carrier. However, that is the general rule used. 

Therefore, for Colossus purposes, get your x-rays digitized (IF CLINICALLY INDICATED TO TAKE THEM) and I strongly suggest utilizing Spine Metrics ( because they use Dr. Peyster to interpret the images and render the impairment rating. That is critical because many carriers also have a rule etched again in silly putty that you need an MD to do an impairment rating and you cannot do any better by using him and his level of credentials. Dr. Peyster renders an impairment rating although you need to do that independently on the global case vs. only the digitizing. However, you have that to back you up (again, if clinically indicated and present based upon the findings). 

According to Dr. Wiegand, 70% of all whiplash cases render a positive finding for AOMSI (ligament laxity). In addition, if the number falls short, you can pro-rate the impairment because the AMA Guides is just that… a guide… not a tablet from Mt. Hebron and you get to make a clinical decision  on the impairment!!