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This Program Works Everywhere, but...NOT for Everyone


Over the last few weeks, I have been recording the 7 modules of the PI Bootcamp while receiving the same calls from doctors nationwide with the same issues. Everyday I get the same messages: “This program is great,” “Lawyers are crawling out of the woodwork,” and yet the very next call is that this program “sucks,” as not 1 lawyer has called. My favorite messages were from 2 doctors who called within 3 hours of each other on the west coast. They practice within 30 minutes of each other. The first doctor called to say that this program is a total waste and he has wasted his time and money. The second doctor, not more than 15 miles away, called to say that this program is the best thing he has ever done in his life and he now has 36 lawyers that have invited him into their practices on a monthly basis, and his wife is very angry with him for spending so much time at work. His question is how he should organize his new life in keeping with the demand for “him” by the legal community.


That phone call made me realize quite some time ago that this program does work everywhere, but not for everyone. When each of you signed up, I explained in great detail to everyone that lawyers do not give a “crap” about you. All they care about is winning their cases and making money. Guess what? It’s true. They will not see an educational flyer and send all of their cases to you. The purpose of the educational fliers is to EDUCATE and have you listed as a resource for them to get the educational material. Many of you have gotten requests around the country for that information and your name has been linked as a resource for being an educational provider.


As I have explained to each of you, the next step has to be taken. In the PI Bootcamp, I spent a serious amount of time teaching that advertising, marketing, sucking up and seriously sucking up to lawyers, does not work. It is a failed paradigm and a waste of time if you do not have your game down. What is the game? Being the best-of-the-best through “clinical excellence.” What does that really mean? It is not a truism, it is real. To highlight the answer, here are the last 9 questions I received from lawyers when they called, and this was just this week. Remember, I haven’t actively practiced for almost 3 years and lawyers call me everyday, as they continue to seek me out. The questions:


  1. Is a bulging disc post-traumatic?
  2. What is the difference between a disc bulge and a disc herniation?
  3. How do I handle the arthritic degeneration argument?
  4. The last doctor never discussed functional loss…
  5. The disc is called a lateral bulge and the case is being dismiss as pre-existing…What do I do?
  6. How do I handle the “gap” in care?
  7. There are no current evaluations. How do I handle that?
  8. The patient had a prior accident with a herniation.What do I do, as the injury is in the same area?
  9. Do I need a vocational specialist to say what the patient can no longer do?


Can you answer these questions? I have posed that question to 5 doctors just today and it’s only 2 PM. Not one could accurately answer the first 2 questions. By the way, the answer to question #2 is a bulge is a degenerative phenomena and a herniation is from a single, distinct trauma.  Does that matter in a legal case?...It is the single-most important question. You must know this information. If you didn’t know the answer to that question and you met with a lawyer, you might as well have taken a gun out and shot yourself in both feet. Why? Because most lawyers who work in the PI game know that answer and if you don’t, they will eat your food, drink your alcohol, go to the ballgames with you, slap you on the back and NEVER refer to you again! How do I know? Because I was the biggest BS’er that walked the face of the earth before I realized that success=knowledge and if I wanted to be successful, I had to be the best of the best, and that only came with knowledge. Lawyers are a very polite group of people. They will not tell you they know you are full of crap…What’s even worse is that many of them will take your word as gospel and argue that point in court, only to lose and at that point, I promise, they will never work with you again. You must learn and be the best at what you do and own your industry.


I spoke to a doctor yesterday who had a meeting with a lawyer a few weeks ago; he never read the consultations and made the fatal mistake of asking for the referral. Basically, he was like every other “schmuck” doctor this lawyer has met with and will not get any referrals, just like the last 10 doctors that took this lawyer out for lunch. How do I know that? Because this doctor said, “I never heard from the lawyer again!”


The key is to know both your industries; the medical information about everything related to trauma and also the lawyers' business. We have previously talked about the chronology of symptomatology, liens, results calendar system and other steps you need to take with the lawyers to make their businesses work by working with you in an ethical scenario.


The last item is credentials. I cannot discuss credentials enough. It is often the difference between having a great practice or always trying to figure it out. 2 days ago, I lectured to 40 PI lawyers and as always, asked the same question: Is the CV of the provider important? The answer is 100% yes; it is critical. If lawyers do not ask you for your CV, then they are not taking you seriously as a provider and they are having their clients see another doctor to utilize them to prevail.


It is not the state you are in, or the fact that you are a chiropractor and not an MD. I have the same issues as you do and since I became expert at my trade and created a CV to document that fact, getting new patients has never been easier. I just had to position myself in the medical-legal community. Follow the strategies online to get the lawyers to know that you are the best of the best and available to them. Get them to run after you. If you need more direction, call me.


If you can’t answer the above 9 questions correctly, take the PI Bootcamp online. If you need help with the answers, call me and I will go over them with you. As I stated in this segment, this program works everywhere and for everyone who works it. If you are sitting back and doing nothing, but waiting for the educational e-mails to fill your office, they won’t. It’s not their purpose. They might get you a few patients during the year and let’s face it, 1 new patient pays for a whole year of the program. However, the purpose of the e-mails is to educate. Follow the protocols in the previous consultations and if you do not have the accurate answers to the above questions, get the education and take the PI Bootcamp because that is the shortest way to have the practice you desire.