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“Patient Appreciation Month”


Get excited

in your practice!!!


Do you want to significantly increase your practice? Have an event! With PI patients, screenings and through word of mouth, your practice will increase incrementally over time. With those practice building events, you will attract more new patients, but in smaller numbers. If you increase your new patients by 2-3 per week, then your practice will increase. If you increase your new patients by 5-6 per week, then your practice will grow faster. If you increase your PVA (see previous consultations regarding PVA), then your practice will grow without new patients. If you increase both your PVA and your new patients, then your practice will grow faster.


This is a simple formula. To have your practice grow faster, have an event. The simplest, most cost efficient event to have is a “Patient Appreciation” event. Many pick a day or week, I picked the whole month. Any month will do, and repeat it 3 times a year. This will create a level of excitement in your practice for you, your staff and your patients.


Here is how it works:


Go to an electronics store and buy a T.V. with flat screen technology…I didn’t say a flat screen TV…they cost about $2000 more then a normal T.V. with flat screen technology. I bought a 36” T.V. that was packed in a really big box and put it in my reception area. I decorated the area with balloons, streamers and flyers all over my office, announcing my patient appreciation month.


I then bought raffle tickets and determined what my slowest practice days were. I was open at one point in time 7 days a week, and my slowest days were Sunday and Thursday. My busiest days, as is with most of us, were Monday-Wednesday and Friday. I gave every patient that came in for care Mon-Wed-Fri 1 raffle ticket, and if they came for care Tue-Sat, they got 2 raffle tickets. For Thurs-Sun, they got 3 raffle tickets. If they referred a friend or family member, they got 5 raffle tickets; this included my front desk staff as well. If the front desk staff referred a patient they got 10 raffle tickets.


The most excited participants were my front desk staff. They were enthused to win! If you can get your front desk staff to engage in the program, then it is a huge win because they will be talking to all of your patients to increase the excitement.


At one time, I had a first, second and third place prize with IPOD’s, dinner for 4 at a family restaurant, boom boxes…It doesn’t matter as long as you create a “buzz of excitement” in your practice. Create flyers and distribute them in the community and mail an announcement to all of your inactive patients, offering them 5 raffle tickets to come back in and get their spine examined.


This is too easy…Make sure that you have a spinal screening mechanism that is quick, motivational and educational at the same time to screen prospective new patients. You must “close the deal” in business terms to get people to become patients.


This is the easiest way to bring new patients to you and to control the flow of your current patients by homogenizing your volume. The goal is to have every day balanced with an equal number of patients, alleviating the stress of a “prime-time practice” where everyone wants to come at the same time. This will also increase your capacity to grow.