From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin

Academy of Chiropractic 




Many of you are just starting to understand that getting an accurate interpretation isn’t always attainable with your local radiologist. In fact, the literature states that there is a 43.6% error rate in general radiologists reporting accurate findings. I find an 80% error rate and Dr. Peyster (our consulting Neuroradiologist) finds an 95% error rate.

Therefore, as you embark on this program, or are well into it, I will review your MRI’s with you by looking on your computer with you. Please download “Radiant Dicom” imaging reader from Google. It is free and one of the best in the industry effectively bypassing the software on the MRI discs that are usually challenging.

Either place the CD in the disc drive or we can look on the imaging center’s site and call me after you have gone to I will give you a code and look with you and help you understand the pathology. Please try to have 2 views on the screen, the axial and sagittal in a T2 weighted sequence (if this is foreign to you, ask the imaging company to help you, that is their job)  We do not need the radiologist’s report.  

You need to be on a computer that is no older than 2 years ideally and have a 25mps downloads speed to make this go easy.

I am here to help you at every level.