The Academy of Chiropractic offers a path to becoming a Graduate Medical Educator

Welcome to Primary Spine Care at the highest level. The Academy of Chiropractic has worked for 10 years to position you as the authority in healthcare on mechanical spine issues to become the first referral option. The challenge is getting medical primary care providers to realize the "Medical Dogma" of referring to physical therapy or surgeons as their first option and based upon the evidence, get them to change their pattern of referrals. We have provided the indexed, peer reviewed literature to verify they are currently referring to a "failed care path" and utilizing chiropractic has far better outcomes for mechanical spine issues using multiple evidenced based parameters. 

The goal has always been to lead through academia and we have worked closely with the State University of New York at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Post-Graduate Department in an interprofessional program and Cleveland University-Kansas City, Chiropractic and Health Sciences to either credential our continuing education courses and/or recognize our programs and give you the credential "Graduate Medical Educator." It is through academia that you will directly be interfacing with medical primary care physicians and TEACHING THEM the evidence for "Chiropractic First." This positions you to be the solution, when triaging for mechanical spine issues based upon your advanced training. 

To learn more about chiropractic as Primary Spine Care Providers, CLICK HERE 

STEPS to becoming a "Graduate Medical Educator" & Teach MD's in Your Community:

1. Become a Trauma Team Member [mandatory] CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW
2. Request a tutorial video on the steps required to create the seminars
     Jody Peccia 
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Email subject line: Teach MD's
    Email message: Jody... Please send me the information so that I can teach MD's... Thank you 

3. Fill out and return the CME Application & individual course fee to be credentialed through the medical school [Jody will send you the form]. Your licensure status must be independantly verified first and your CV must pass the requirements [henceforth the Trauma Team]. 
4. The Power Point presentation & in-depth training video that has already been engineered for MD primary care providers (there is no fee for the 
Power Point and training) will be sent once the application and fee has been received. 

2 CV Citations: 

1. CV Citation
 This is place under "Occupational History" AFTER you have taught a course: Graduate Medical Educator, Academy of Chiropractic, Long Island NY, 2018-present

2. CV Citation This is place under "Selected Medical Teaching" a separate citation for each course taught [multiple entries are acceptable and change the date and location as applicable]: Graduate Medical Presenter, An Evidenced Base Biomechanical Solution to Back and Neck Non-Specific Pain, Differentially diagnosing anatomical vs. biomechanical pathology in a patient centered context based upon an evidenced based model. The epidemiology of spinal pain and a literature based best-model for care-path for the medical primary care provider for mechanical spine pain and the potential negative sequalae of delayed care inclusive of opioid dependency, Wolff's Law of degeneration and chronic pain and the correlation of the functional anatomy of pain, ACCME Joint Providership with the State University of New York at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Academy of Chiropractic Post-Doctoral Division, [your city and state], 2018


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