Academy of Chiropractic

Doctors PI Program  

Office Systems, Admissibility & Get Paid #36

From the Desk of :

“Personal Injury Documentation Checklist” 


NOTE: If you have taken the shortcut and bypassed reading the required consultation, DO NOT EXPECT THESE DOCUMENT to be the “magic potion” in getting paid. It takes training on HOW TO USE THEM.  


1. E&M Documentation Compliance Review

2. Irrevocable Assignment of Benefits

3. Irrevocable Assignment of Rights 

4. Irrevocable Waiver of Statute of Limitations 

5. Irrevocable Release of Information 

6. Assignment of Right to Sue 

7. Personal Responsibility of Payment 

8. UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Lien 

9. Release of Information Authorization 

10. Additional Fees for Late Payments 

11. Medical Fees in the United States by PMIC

Most of these items can be found in Section 15, Forms & Communication, Assignment of Rights and Benefits. 

I strongly urge you to consider having a staff member become a notary public and notarize each document. That will help in all legal proceedings, should they arise.