Doctors Personal Injury Program

We welcome you to join what has been tagged as the most successful personal injury program in the world. Our doctors have gotten over 100,000 PI referrals to date and growing daily. Please join us at level you are comfortable with and anytime, you may switch membership levels by simply asking.

All of our programs are month to month...Quit any time for any reason*

All programs have a $225 set-up fee (see below)**

Gold Membership $199 Monthly

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This is the most popular membership that includes the following:

Step-by-Step Program on how to get lawyers to run after you
Detailed "how to manual" updated daily (700+ modules)..simple to follow & only 15 minutes/per day
34 years of experience that certifies marketing, dinners and advertisements are a waste of your money...unless... we show you how to use them effectively
We give you letters of protection, liens and other legal instruments to ensure payment
Get MD specialists to refer to you
Lien negotiation program
Current "trauma based" research updated bi-monthly
The latest medical research continually given to you in "lawyer friendly " formats
How to use your own patients as leverage with lawyers to get new cases
Responsible "Colossus" training
MRI Training
Narrative Report training that was crafted by 100,000 lawyers
Diagnosis/coding training
Audits performed on your documentation
We give you SOAP note templates that have been used in 100,000+ patients successfully
Online CV builder included
Online Directory listing and SEO included
Staff training
Communication systems and forms
24/7 spine specialist on call for consultations
Learn how to use your credentials and clinical excellence to get referrals
Unlimited telephone support
Detailed marketing strategies and programs
Complete program to get lawyers to run after you

Silver Membership $99 Monthly

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140+ Lawyer's Newsletters (Research based)
100's of Patient/Public pro-chiropractic research articles
100+ MD Referral newsletters (Research based)
New research based newsletters monthly
Automated interface posting your clinic's demographics on the research
Email interface to upload your databases and send to potential referral sources
Unlimited* emailing you control

Bronze Membership $75 Monthly

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EMR Macro Program
Evidenced based language to order tests
Evidenced based language to order treatment
Clinical rationale for ordering tests
Clinical rationale for ordering treatment
EMR "friendly" macros to fit all EMR programs


Bronze+Gold: $249 Monthly Save $25 monthly

Silver+Gold: $249 Monthly Save $50 monthly

Bronze+Silver+Gold: $299 Monthly Save $75 monthly

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ULIMATE Membership*

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Platinum membership (bronze+silver+gold) for 1 year
PI Bootcamp Online CE Course (9 hours)
MRI Spine Certification Online CE Course (25 hours)
Accident Reconstruction Online CE Course (8 hours)
Spinal Biomechanical Engineering Online CE Course (16 hours)
Impairment Rating Online CE Course (2 hours)

Cost: $5,247

Save $1,120

**Set Up Fee: A significant form of terrorism in the world is Internet identify theft in an attempt to steal your money. We retain an internationally recognized Internet security company and your entire set up fee is dedicated to protecting your identity.